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Deutsche Forst Invest

Deutsche Forst Invest is a registered capital management company (KVG) specializing in forest investments.

We have launched a forest fund and offer professional and semi-professional investors the opportunity to participate.

The fund already owns forests in several states. We are a pioneer in our market segment and have many years of experience with forests and a proven track record, which is critical for forest investments.

Check your insurance

Check your insurance is an interactive website that compares insurance companies in terms of their sustainability, financial stability and Almost all major insurance companies swear by their commitment to environmental and social issues. In our analysis, we evaluated the sustainability and creditworthiness reports of 50 companies and created an independent ranking. With the help of our ESG (Environment-Social-Government) analysis, we support you in making a sustainable and transparent choice of your insurance policies.

Since May 2017, all insurance companies in Europe are required to publish detailed solvency ratios. Here you will receive a neutral assessment of how these figures are to be estimated for life and health insurers in Germany and what this means for you as a policyholder.

Triathlon for charity

Either you would like to participate in one of the upcoming races yourself and collect donations, or you simply support us by supporting the SOS Children's Villages under the keyword "Triathlon for Charity".

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