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Corporate & Product Certification

Founded in 2013 by Dr Carsten Zielke, Zielke Research Consult GmbH is a specialised consultancy focusing on corporate and product certification. At our location in Aachen, we offer comprehensive solutions to assess and certify your company and products in terms of sustainability and social dimensions.

Our certifications include both corporate and product seals. With our corporate seal, we assess your company in terms of its sustainability practices and social impact.

This rating has an impact not only on the perception of end consumers, but also on potential insurance applicants. By being certified by us as a sustainable company (by obtaining a CSR label), you have the opportunity to have your products certified by us as well.

Consulting firm Zielke Research Consult – for more transparency and improved sustainability practices

Our product certifications are based on two different assessment standards. The first label, "sustainably designed insurance product", allows clients to choose between different funds and investment options, some of which may be considered unsustainable. Only by selecting funds that we qualify as sustainable can the product be considered sustainable.

The second label, "sustainable insurance product", offers customers only funds and investment options that have been qualified as sustainable by us following Articles 8 and 9 of the Disclosure Regulation. For both assessment standards, we distinguish between three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The assessment is influenced, among other things, by how quickly the hedging assets are adjusted to the EU taxonomy, taking governance aspects into account, and how quickly harmful assets, which may only make up an insignificant part of the assets, are divested.

Trust in the expertise of Zielke Research Consult. We are at your side to make your company and your products sustainable and to certify them. Contact us today and let's shape the future of the sustainable insurance industry together.


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