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Carsten Zielke, PhD founded Zielke Research Consult in 2013 as a specialised consulting firm. The consulting services and analyses are tailored to the needs of the insurance industry and institutional investors.

Together in a team of independent specialists, we provide our clients with independent research based on proven expertise in asset liability management.

Zielke Research Consult produces independent insurance research with a special focus on asset-liability management. In addition, the company advises its partners (asset managers, banks, reinsurers...) on the approach of insurance clients and keeps them up to date on new developments in terms of product development, regulation, asset allocation trends. Since February 2021, Zielke Research Consult has also been analysing the sustainability reports of German banks.

The aim is to have a joint customer approach. Their offered products are integrated into the ALM analysis via existing software to assess the admixture on the overall risk situation (xALM and So2So by Xapio). More about the ALM Check: ALM-Check-Prospekt (german pdf)

analysis of the asset-liability situation of insurers

benchmarking of Solvency II results

analysis of structured interest rate products Business Solutions

strategy consulting

IFRS consulting and lobbying

supervisory board consulting

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