Forest Fund

With the German and Austrian Forest Fund, Deutsche Forst Invest offers institutional investors the opportunity to participate in a real estate fund that invests exclusively in German and Austrian forest areas. 

The investments are geographically diversified across various densely wooded areas in Germany and Austria. Our clients include German insurance companies, defined contribution- and defined benefit schemes, banks and pension funds. But family offices and wealthy private clients can also participate.

As a pioneer in our market segment, we offer our customers a comprehensive service package with a focus on:

  • Structuring innovative investment concepts
  •  Selection of high quality forest real estate
  • Further development of stands into more stable and high-yielding forests

Our silvicultural concept is sustainable, as we make the forests we acquire more resistant to climate change by using a mixed forest concept across age classes (selection cutting).

Our team includes experts with many years of forestry experience. Our clients also benefit from an exceptional network and the many years of industry experience of a high-calibre advisory board. More information at (only in german)